Seatpost Collar

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Our seatpost collars look great and have great clamping, a long life, and no squeaking. It’s the perfect addition to your Thomson Cockpit and 100% American made.

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The Thomson Seatpost Collar has several features that make it distinct. The collar utilizes the Thomson Seatpost bolt, washer, and barrel nut combination that has proven strong over the years. This fastener combination allows float on both sides of the collar slot ensuring consistent clamping force. The bolt hole angle, height of the collar, and offset slot all help create a collar that generates maximum clamping force at only 25-inch pounds of fastener torque. The Thomson Seatpost Collar is made from the same 7000 series alloy as our seatposts and stems, giving you the high performance and long life you expect from a Thomson.

Our collars are available in black and silver.


How tall is the Thomson Seatpost Collar?

The collar is 12.7mm tall on the inside diameter from the bottom of the collar to the base of the beauty ring.

What colors are available?

The collar is available in black or silver.

How do I know what size collar to buy? Do I need to match collar size to seatpost size?

You can measure the outside diameter of the bicycle seat tube. You might also find the size marked on your existing collar. The seatpost collar diameter is always bigger than the seatpost diameter. You want the collar to match the seat tube outside diameter.

The recommended torque is only 2.8 Nm. Is that enough?

Yes. On a 27.2 post in an aluminum frame at 2.8Nm of collar bolt torque it takes 900+ pounds of force to make the seatpost slip.


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